Nestled in the mountains of Sikkim, Yuksom is home to a diverse and rich natural heritage. Peter Smetacek went there looking for butterflies and as you can see from the images he has shared, it was a fruitful trip.

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The beach fronting our resort

The waters of the Andamans scream out to anybody who likes angling. So obviously, when Kalyan Patra was there he could not but indulge in some sport fishing. Chaitali Saha accompanied him for some exhilarating first-time experiences.

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A brief summertime break for Shanvi Rawat and Kalyan Patra led them to the Kol Valley in Himachal Pradesh. They got to enjoy the bright turquoise waters of the Sutlej, the glittering golden decorations of a Tibetan Monastery and lakes full of friendly fish which drove KP crazy.

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Tickel's Blue Flycatcher.
PC - Rahul Alvares

A welcoming environment is important to all of us. If you want to enjoy the company of birds in your backyard, give them a place to have a drink and a dip during hot days. A birdbath is all it takes, says Rahul Alvares.

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SITLAKHET—Inhaled. Inspired

Photo Credit- Pradeep Chamaria

Wake up and smell the flowers!
Pradeep Chamaria saw a lot of flowers but dwelt on the fragrance of roses. Sitlakhet in Uttarakhand not only satisfied his olefactory sense but soothed his mind and muscles too.

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JALDAPARA—Rewards Despite Rains!

Jaldapara, with its population of the Asian rhino, is a water-laden grassland. In the rains, travel within the sanctuary can be arduous to say the least. When Kaushik Deuti and his friends found a crucial bridge washed away, things got a little more adventurous !

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